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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Favorite Lip Liners + Which One Outlasted the Others!

I haven't posted in sooo long! I am in the middle of the most intense and stressful month of my life trying to finish up the first year of my Master's program. So let's talk about something way more important and fun: lip liner. I don't think I've ever done a post about favorite lip liners even though they deserve a post all to themselves, why should lipstick and lipgloss get all of the glory? I have a lot of liners but I really could survive on just five or six, OK I could really get away with two but that's not very much fun. I have some affordable and some higher-end liners on my Top 7 list so there is something for everyone. If you enjoy wearing nudes and peachy-pink shades then you will probably like most of these. I don't have a top red lip liner because I wear red lipstick about once a year. Oh, and find out which one had the best staying power when I was trying to clean the swatches off my arm!

Top 7 Lip Liners of Life: 

1. Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Natural: a perfect brownish-toned nude that goes on so smoothly and really is my favorite texture of all of my liners. Pricey but comes with a cute little Chanel sharpener and lip brush on one end of the liner to help ease the pain. 

2. MAC Stone: This shade is like a flat grey/taupe that I normally wouldn't have looked twice at, or even once at had it not been for PixiWoo on YouTube doing a tutorial on how to make your lips look fuller but lining ever so slightly outside of the lip line with this shade to create more definition. I was hooked ever since!

3. MAC Subculture: A great shade for doing a nude lip and warming up any nude lipstick that may make you look dead. Goes fantastic paired with MAC Myth and MAC Big Baby Plushglass, one of my favorite lip combos. 

4. Boots No. 7 #20 Nude: If you watch PixiWoo, you know this liner. They use it all of the time and it was also used with the MAC Stone in that video I was talking about on fuller lips. Very similar to MAC Subculture but more affordable, I got mine at Target for around $6.

5. NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Pale Pink #854: I love this liner. Its my favorite "drugstore" lip liner at under $6. This is a beautiful cool toned mauve pink that goes great with colors like MAC Innocense Beware or even to fill in the entire lip and put MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass over it. This is a must-have liner if you wear a lot of cool-pink shades. 

6. Prestige LipLiner #206 Silk: Another fabulous drugstore find. If you don't have access to the NYX Pale Pink, pick this one up from Rite Aid because it's very similar, mauve-pink and under $6. And if you're lucky you will find it Buy 1 Get 1 50%, same with NYX above. 

7. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in #063 East End Snob: I think everyone has this lip liner. EmilyNoel83 on YT has mentioned it quite a bit in her older videos. This liner is one of the twist-up automatic ones you don't need to sharpen which is a huge bonus. The shade is more of a rosey-pink and has a creamier texture than the traditional pencil liners. If you're more of a mid-toned pink kind of gal, this one is a good choice but will also work with lighter pinks as well. Rimmel is found at pretty much every drug store (at least in the US and I'm guessing UK since its called Rimmel London). 

So which liner was the hardest to remove when cleaning off my swatches from my arm? Well, I'll tell you there was one that was easiest to remove, one that was hardest, and the other five were the same. The loser was Rimmel East End Snob and the winner, which comes to no surprise, was Chanel liner in Natural! By far the one that hung on the longest. Which coincidentally are the cheapest (Rimmel) and most expensive (Chanel) of the bunch.


From Left to Right: Prestige Silk, Boots No. 7 Nude, MAC Subculture, MAC Stone, Chanel Natural, Rimmel East End Snob, NYX Pale Pink


  1. Oooh great post! I'm going to check out some of these lip liners now :)

  2. Thanks! This was exactly what I needed. :)