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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sigma Promo Code for March 2012, Get You Some Amaaazing Brushes!

If you aren't familiar with Sigma, they make wonderful high quality makeup brushes very similar to MAC brushes, in fact, there are may Sigma brushes that are MAC dupes but for a MUCH lower price. I have raved about Sigma brushes like the F80 flat-top synthetic kabuki brush for applying foundation flawlessly and with zero shedding! There is a great selection for all sorts of brushes from beginner to professional as well as a vegan brush line that is fantastic. You can buy them individually or buy one of their many sets, either way I know you will be satisfied. Right now, they are doing a 10% off promo code and if you spend $30 or more before tax and shipping, you get either a free brush or an eyeshadow trio if they run out of brushes. It won't show up in your cart so if for some reason you don't receive it and you did qualify, just let them know!

Promo Code is March2012 and good until March 31 so get started here:


  1. Hi! Dou you know what particular brush do you get for free? I want to buy the Kabuki F80 (haven't tried it yet) but maybe I could take a look to anything else. Any advice? Thanks!

  2. I am sorry I have no idea which brush is the free brush, I think you could email their customer service and ask. I love the F80 personally if you are looking for something great to apply liquid foundation especially. Any of the synthetic Kabuki brushes are awesome in that line. Let me know what you get! :)
    If you are familiar with MAC brushes, this is a great link to look at the sigma dupes for some of those

  3. Thank you so much! Although I always wear liquid foundation, I had never tried a brush. And I noticed everyone loves Sigma F80. I haven't ordered it yet, but I saw on their Facebook that the free one is a mini E25 blending.

    1. Thanks for sharing what the free brush is, I've been wondering about that! I have the E35 and love it so I'm sure I'd like a mini E25!