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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mascara Rave: Kat Von D Sin-Ful Lash

Kat Von D Mascara Sin-Ful Lash: I would have never purchased this (I'm sure all cosmetics companies love to read reviews that start out that way) but it was one of the Sephora 100 point perks and I was feeling like taking a Kat Von D kind of risk. Glad I did because I really like it! Its got the big wide brush symbolic of a volumizing mascara but I find that it lengthens as well as it volumizes. The brush kind of looks similar to Benefit Bad Gal (which I hate) or Prestige My Biggest Lashes (which I like). But despite having a big brush, it gets my corner lashes very well and lengthens them as well as the easier to reach lashes. Plus it has a weird smell. I know, how is that a good thing? Well I happen to like when mascara has a scent that isn't reminiscent of any of the chemicals used to make it. If you have ever tried Too Faced Lash Injection and notice that citrus scent, that's what the KVD smells like. I have heard that when you do not notice that scent anymore, its time to throw out the mascara because it went bad. Moving on.. I haven't experienced any deal-breaking smudging or flaking and I also find the formula to be quite buildable. Which is a must have for people who like to wear 12-15 coats of mascara. You know when someone asks how many coats of mascara you put on, they expect you to say 2 or 3.. well my answer is that I put on as many coats as it takes to arrive at that point right before my lashes start to crisp up. And if that point is 5-6 coats, so be it. We all have our limits, and that is mine. Nice job, Kat Von D, I shall now add this mascara to my list of other KVD winners which now makes that list two items long (the other being Celebutard lipstick).


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