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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Home Remedy for Unclogging Pores!

I don't necessarily get full-on break outs with acne as much as I just get those little, and sometimes not so little, clogged pores that are just flesh colored bumps under the skin. Sometimes I think getting a normal zit is easier to take care of but it feels like clogged pores take forever to go away. I have one specific area on my cheek that this happens when I use products that my skin does not like. Which is pretty much everything that contains Dimethicone or other silicone ingredients. And those are hard ingredients to steer clear of because they are pretty much in every single foundation, moisturizer, bronzer, and blush on the planet. Which is why I had to go back to Bare Minerals. But I digress. Let me tell you quickly why I chose to do this post. Yesterday I got the brilliant idea when I was self-tanning with Sun Labs extra dark tanning lotion to put some on my face. I read the back and yes it contained Dimethicone but it also stated it was not pore clogging. Stupid naive foolish me. I put a very thin layer on my face and two hours later I had a monstrous bump under my skin. TWO hours later, not the next day or the next couple of days. Lesson learned. This situation called for my little at-home facial called "Clean, Steam, Helene" I made up that name so don't try to steal it. I didn't make up the process, just the name. 

What You'll Need:
-Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask or Mud Mask (any clay type mask that hardens up on your face will work)
-a kitchen pot for boiling water
-water (approximately a bit less than what you'd use to boil pasta)
-tea tree oil (this is optional, but highly recommended)
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque + Tea Tree oil
Project Steam-Clean-Helene:
This is where you cleanse your face with your typical face cleansing process, do not moisturize or do any of the other steps in your face routine, cleanse only! You are prepping your face for steaming.

Boil some water in a pot, you don't need a ton of water but make sure the pot is bigger around than your face.

Put about 2 drops of Tea Tree oil in the water before or after it gets boiling. 

Remove boiling water from stove, put a towel down on a hard surface, and put the pot on top of it

DON'T actually TOUCH the pot, and warn others not to as well

Put your face over the pot, careful not to actually put your head IN the pot or come to close to the water. All you need is the steam and it will rise to meet your face. Put the towel over your head to keep the steam from escaping but make sure you have some air to breathe. You can come up for air if you need a break! Do this for about 10 minutes. The steam will open up your pores!

Blot your face dry with a clean towel. Its important to use your face mask while your pores are opened from the steam to allow for the product to really do its thing in cleaning out your pores. Don't put anything on your face except for your mask. This is where the Queen Helene Mint Julip or Queen Helene mud mask (or similar style clay mask) comes into the picture. Put it all over your face but not under your eyes or around the nose area. You can also go down the neck if you like. Leave on for up to 15 minutes. I leave mine on for about 8-9.

Remove with warm wash cloth, splash your face with cool water to close the pores back up.

Then follow your typical moisturizing routine. 

*Do this about once a week if you have issues with clogged pores or acne.
*You don't have to use the mask I suggest, you can use whatever mask that you like. The point is putting it on while your pores are opened to allow for maximum performance!

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