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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review for Too Faced Natural at Night Palette

Too Faced has enjoyed much success with their series of boxed palettes like "The Romantic Eye" and "The Natural Eye" among others. I picked up the "Natural at Night" palette after forgetting how much I've been wanting the "Matte Eye" palette.They retail for $36. In the Natural at Night palette you get three matte shades: a yellow- beige (spotlight), a light milk-chocolate (night cap), a dark cocoa-brown (cocoa) and six shimmery shades: shimmering medium champagne (full moon), shimmery light champagne, very glittery and kind of gritty (night light), pink champagne (after hours), a shimmery bronze-rose (eclipse), shimmery dark gold (moonstone), and shimmery dark olive (fever). 

My Thoughts:
At first glance, these are super pretty shades to look at. I like that you get three matte shades that are very basic and can be incorporated into many looks. Very soft, very pigmented. What I don't like is when a brand will do shimmer/glittery shadows that feel grainy in texture like you can feel the glitter particles which leads to massive fall-out like in the case of "night light". I like that they give you a dark olive shade because you don't normally see this color even though its perfectly neutral but this one just looked dirty on me. I also thought that three of the colors were pretty similar to one another in that they all had a champagne/highlight thing going on.

To Return or to Keep?
I'm sad to report that these shadows didn't look very good on me personally. I could take a shade or two from the palette and work with some of my other shadows but I wanted to be able to find more looks within the same palette that worked for me. The three matte shades I did like were not unique to others in my collection and all in all, I didn't feel justified in keeping it. I definitely prefer the "Natural Eye Palette" to this night-time version. Next time I'm in the Too Faced palette kind of mood, I will opt for the Matte Eye which looks to be much more my style!

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