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Friday, September 23, 2011

Try This Look If You Want Big Full Lucious Lips! Whether You Have Them Already or Not!

I came across this lipstick tutorial from one of my most favorite YouTube girls, LisaLisaD1 for her "Pammy Lips" (i.e. Pamela Anderson). Her lips are already pretty fantastic but who doesn't want their lips to look even more fantastic?! Like, without injections of course! And don't even try to lie, you know you want those porn-star lips. But here's how to do it in a classy, natural, sexy way. And if you don't have full lips and you want to learn from someone whose lips aren't full in the first place, please watch the PixiWoo video below Lisa's. She is 100% amazing and you will learn so much from her! So there's something for everyone. I'm an equal opportunity beauty blogger.

Have you ever thought of putting a grey lipliner on your lips? Well, you should for the sake of this video. If you don't have MAC Stone lipliner, available on but not in store and please don't pay $35 for one on Ebay from someone who is tricking you into thinking its discontinued because it isn't. If you want a cheaper alternative, I've heard NYX makes one called "1000 years" if you can get to an Ulta. Otherwise, maybe you can find one at the drugstore.

I'm gonna try this look when my MAC Stone comes in the mail (free second day shipping from MAC right now w/ code: POSH). But for now, I wanted to pass it along because I think its a good one.

If you don't have the exact lipsticks/glosses that Lisa uses, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you use something similar,

What you'll need:

MAC Stone or NYX 1000 Years (or a similar grey/taupe/plum liner)
Any mauve-toned lip liner
A nude/pink lipstick. A more cool toned nude works for this exact tutorial, i.e. MAC Myth, Creme de Nude, MAC Fleshpot, or similar)
A lipgloss that will highlight the full parts of the lip, something nude/peachy/shiny or even a really glossy clear will work well. Think of the gloss as a highlighter for your lips in this look.

WARNING: If you come out looking like this, you need to keep practicing:



  1. Great video posts! I have never heard of this before, but now will have to give it a try!

  2. wow ! is it really work like this ? now i understand there is a lot to learn for me also i'm getting curious for my lips.