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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Focus: Easy Ways to be Trendy This Fall Without Trying too Hard

I have one fashion rule about trends. Don't spend too much on trendy pieces because you may hate them the following year. Rather, keep it simple and classic in your clothing style and trend them up with affordable accessories or classic pieces that just so happen to be trendy that season. That way, you aren't out too much money if your trend finds itself on the "Fashion Don't" list the following season. I don't know about you, but I have exceptionally good instincts when it comes to whether a trend will stay or pass us on by leaving us humiliated when we look at photographs where we are proudly displaying that previously hot new piece. Take skinny jeans for example. I may have been the first girl that I knew that jumped on that train as soon as I saw it heading toward the station. I didn't blink before loading up on several pairs because I knew they were here to stay. But not all trends are so simple to discern. So do yourself a favor, take the guess work out of it and start being trendy the easy way. (BTW, some of these trends aren't new, but let's face it, all parts of the world are not created equally when it comes to certain looks hitting their town. What's new for me is probably so 2001 for you fancy pants Europeans)

Let's start small....
One way to jump on the trend train is just to forget about what clothing and accessories are hot but to focus on which colors are on trend. And since color itself is trendy this year, there's really no way you can make a mistake. If you want to get more specific, try navy.

Navy is big right now! If you aren't sure, try it on your nails or buy a pair of navy boots. You'd be surprised how well navy goes with many outfits you already own. Navy is the forgotten neutral when it comes to shoes.

COLOR! Bold, vibrant, bright, rich color. But if this isn't for you, there is something else on this list that should be more in your comfort zone (see white top/black bottom below)

Leopard print anything! There are so many leopard print shoes and boots out there right now and I have a feeling if you splurge on some, they will be here to stay. 

Floral print, namely, dresses. This one kinda takes me back to 1992 during my floral dress, Doc Martin boots phase. But it was a pleasant trip back.And very Bridget Fonda in Singles. I'm old.

Full length and mid-calf length skirts.

Layers! Pile it on, if you can stand it. Some people think the more layers they wear, the bigger they look. Not if you are dressing correctly for your body shape. In fact, layers add depth and structure and can often create a slim silhouette.

Long long coats, like, to the floor long. 

Nail art. Nails are the hot new accessory. And the sky is the limit. Any color, any texture, and any design. This year, nails have never been more appreciated.  Check out the Sophy Robson for Sephora videos for some really cool nail art. 

White shirt/black bottom. All over the runways for fall 2011. Can it get any easier? Obviously the white button up, the staple classic wardrobe piece, will be very chic with a great pair of black trouser pants or pencil skirt. 

Kitten heels. For those of you that can't stand to wear high heels, give your feet a break and embrace the kitten heel. Feminine, sophisticated, and easy on the feet. 

Stripes, the bolder the better. Thick horizontal stripes more specifically.

Leather skirts. Does leather really ever completely go away? Thankfully, no. 

Cat-eye sunglasses.

Makeup look of the season: bold, defined lips with doll-like big black lashes. Minimal yet effective. Check out the new Lancome mascara, Hypnose Doll Eyes.

Texture, Texture, Texture, and mixing texture. Not only is it cool to wear leopard print but its even cooler if your leopard print feels like an actual leopard. Or silk paired with leather or fur (faux, please) mixed with leather are other ways to do it if you don't want to delve too far into the whole animal thing.

Looking like a man. Androgyny is back my friends. There is a creepy way to do this and a subtle and easy way to do this. Wearing a tie with a sport coat and cumberbun is the creepy way. Mixing genres like pairing the menswear coat with something very feminine and sexy on the bottom is much more approachable.

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