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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love Lipstick: Too Faced Lip of Luxury "Centerfold"

Lipstick is by far and away my most favorite cosmetic item. I've said it before and I will say it again, my love affair with lipstick goes way back to the days of middle school when I would run to my locker between every class to touch up my lipstick. Granted, my tastes have changed but my passion for lipstick has not. I have never tried a Too Faced lipstick before so I thought why not? I have heard good things about the "Centerfold" shade so I was deciding between that and Smashbox. Ultimately I went with the TF. I was a little surprised to see the $20 price tag. I was under the impression that Too Faced was in the below $20 category with MAC and Bare Escentuals. Evidently not. But the "Pro's" justify the price so read on. 

Too Faced Lip of Luxury in "Centerfold", $20 at Ulta

Photo taken from (because I have a cold sore and can't possibly subject myself to the humiliation of photographing it)
Shade: A mid-toned mauve, not too light nor too dark. Mauve is hot for the fall too! Although it isn't the same, I really do think if you love MAC Snob or MAC Blankety, you will like Centerfold. On my lips, Snob pulls more purple and Blankety pulls more brown but both have that mauve-ish quality you can find in Centerfold.

What I Like About the Lipstick: 

The packaging is so cute, pink with a round crystal looking thing (I know, such a sophisticated description)on the end of it. Serves no purpose beyond aesthetics but I appreciate the effort. 

Very smooth application: Infused with shea butter and botanicals make it super moisturizing yet rather long-wearing. Oh, and paraben free!

Opaque: A very nice saturation of color, Centerfold is neither too matte nor too sheer. In fact, its got a rather perfect texture.

Longevity: Pretty good. I've read others say it is not but I think it is, so there! The texture is one that doesn't slide right off the lips. To be fair, I use MAC Prep and Prime lip primer as well as a lipliner before lipstick application so I'm sure this helps. 

What I Don't Like: That I don't have more of them. 

Overall Grade: A+

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