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Friday, September 9, 2011

Top Nail Polish Picks For Fall: Tis The Season...

I don't have certain nail colors for certain seasons because I think nail color works across all seasons. However, the change of the seasons does inspire me to be drawn more towards my darker nail colors. And even though it is nowhere near fall where I live, I thought I'd do my top nail polish picks so you can be ready to roll when the air turns crisp and the boots get pulled out of the closet. Ahh, the fall. Have you ever heard anyone say they hated the fall? I think the love of fall is pretty much the one thing that everyone on this planet that experiences it has in common.
In no particular order. These picks are my favorites and I also threw in some choices that are big this fall as far as nail trends go.

Essie Demure vix: I had to use this picture first because its been the color I've been obsessed with ever since I got it. I love this shade. It can look mauve sometimes and taupe at others but it has this amazing special quality of a purple iridescence that makes this polish. This purple flash of color was so hard to capture on my own nails but this picture (not my own) does a decent job. Trust me though, so much better in real life. You can see that hint of purple duo-chrome in the bottle though, and its how it transcends to the nails which is so so cool. Love. Some call it Demure Vixen but my bottle just says "Demure vix".

Essie Midnight Cami: Navy is big this fall in fashion as well as on the nails. I really like this Essie shade because of its vibrancy and beautiful sheen. If you aren't so bold to go this dark on your nails or if you just don't think navy is for you, try it on the toe nails and work your way up. It looks amazing on toes, trust me! Be sure to wear a nice shiny top coat when going dark, the shine gives those shades something special that can't really be picked up on in a pale shade. Another recommended shade in this genre is OPI Russian Navy, a true classic that every dark polish lover has in their collection. Russian Navy is in the permanent collection so you should have no trouble finding it.

Essie Wicked: This shade is a beautiful, sexy, vampy shade of deep deep burgundy. Wicked is to Essie as Lincoln Park After Dark is to OPI. Just a classic, very popular, shade when you want to go really dark on the nails. I was obsessed with Wicked before Demure vix took over. Another shade that looks amazing-ness on the toes. And remember, if you're wearing a deep vampy shade, you should probably match the toes to nails. I didn't make that up, I read it in a magazine. Do what you want.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: Now that I've mentioned this shade, let's go ahead and get it out of the way. LPAD is my favorite and most worn color of all time. It makes my list every season for my top shades and I've gone through several bottles of this already. A stunning and very deep plummy black that will never go out of style. And even if it does, I don't care. I like wearing ultra dark colors with feminine, soft, tops or dresses. I really like that contrast between the two very different styles.

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Butter London Branwen Feather: After this, I promise I will give you a break from dark dark dark. Since Branwen Feather is kind of in the same category as OPI LPAD, I thought I'd put them together so you can see how they differ. BW is another very dark plummy toned black but it has more of a grittier sheen to it that isn't quite shimmer. It looks really good in the sunlight where you can really pick up on the purple. Butter London is going to be BOGO free at Ulta for one day on Sept 20th. So excited because its $14 nail polish, yikes!

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Butter London Yummy Mummy: One of my favorite colors. It's a very simple yet elegant taupe with a slight shimmer to it which is more of a pealy finish rather than actual sparkles. Its fairly pale and more on the beigy-taupe rather than say, OPI You Don't Know Jacques. It was my introductory shade into Butter London and I was quite pleased with the results. I have to say it really grew on me and became a part of heavy rotation. At first I saw nothing special about it but when I noticed that pearly finish, I was sold.

Essie Sexy Divide: I love this polish! I have it on my toes as we speak, which by the way looks amazing. This is a rich bold purple that is very.... purple. What I mean is its a nice change if you want to deviate from the purple/blacks and just go for something that truly looks purple. I would call this a royal purple in the way that it isn't eggplant or plum but its not lilac or lavender either. Its truly a gorgeous saturated purple that I know you will love

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window: While I don't really get the name of this polish, I really enjoy this look for fall. Wait a minute, is rolling down the window supposed to imply throwing up and therefor the green symbolizes this activity? I sure the hell hope not. Olive green is huge this fall, huge huge huge so this rich olive shade will be perfectly on trend. I like it better with a couple of accent nails to make it more interesting. These are easy to achieve with a black nail pen. Just draw little circles and then dot the middle with a gold polish. Just make sure you let the polish dry completely before using the nail pen. If you don't have a nail pen, use a tooth pick dipped in a little black polish. It's easier than you think.

Deborah Lippmann Naked: If you just aren't into dark or bold color on your nails, you can't go wrong ever with a beautiful flesh colored nude. I've said this before but nude nails make the fingers look longer and more delicate. This is my favorite nude shade but there are so many amazing ones like Essie Topless and Barefoot and OPI Salmon Sands. Nude tones have been so big for a while now and aren't the least bit hard to find. I would most definitely wear nude all year around. We wear nude lips all year round don't we? This is a fail proof color that always looks put together and cool. 
The Fall 2011 Sephora by OPI collection on QVC: I don't have this set but I really want this set. Each color is just so perfect for the fall. The colors are so soft, fashionable, and wearable for everyone. From the left to right, the colors are BYO Boy (a rose brown), Dear Diary (sheer warm light pink) Nonfat Soy Half Caff (a pale cappuccino), On Stage (an opaque grey-plum). I am most interested in the "BYO boy" because to me its the most unique. Although its called a spicey rose brown, I think it has a mauve quality to it and mauve is also a big color this fall. And how pretty is that cappuccino shade? 

Photo Credit: TheWestStreetJournal
Essie Fall 2011 Carry On collection: You can't go wrong with any of the shades in this collection as they all scream fall. I am anxious to try the Carry On shade as well as Glamour Purse. I have enough shades like Lady Like and I'm not into orange rust shades like Very Structured. The thing I like most about Essie is its way too easy accessibility. You can pick these up at CVS, Walgreens, Target and probably other places.

OPI Over the Taupe: Taupe has been big for a while now. If you can't find this one, you could always use You Don't Know Jacques but just about every nail polish line there is has its own version of a taupe nail polish. Five years ago, it would have been like impossible to find. Over the Taupe is a dark taupe which borders on a milk chocolate. Definitely looks best with short and well groomed finger nails. Something about jet long brown nails just doesn't sit well with me. Taupe can be done in many ways on the nails from beige taupe to this milk chocolate taupe and taupe that has plum undertones like the famous Sephora by OPI Metro Station. Another great one to try that borders on a grey taupe is Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas (one of her most coveted shades in the line).

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  1. I recently swatched Very Structured and it really doesn't come out a rust shade on the nail. It reminds me more of a pumpkin spice latte and old-time driving gloves. I really think it is a lovely shade, especially for those with pink undertone in their skin. There is something really rich and luxurious about it.