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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nail of the Day: Essie Mochachino

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Mochachino by Essie looked to me like a beautiful taupey-coffee shade with very subtle multicolored shimmer when I was looking at the bottle in CVS. On the nails it was a little different. That pretty multicolored shimmer didn't really translate to the nail like I had anticipated. Unless in direct sunlight, the polish just looked kind of gritty. And the shade on the nails looked darker than it did in the bottle, less mochachino and more "concrete" with its tendency to appear like a really smoky brown. I would say that this isn't a pretty color but a cool color. And a nice one for fall, I was just expecting a little something extra.


  1. I have found that most of the Essie polishes I have tried don't translate from the bottle to the nail...

  2. @TheLacqueredLady, I am beginning to notice that. But Essie is so dang accessible and has a pretty shade selection that even though its not my fave brand, I have so so many Essie polishes! Hey I am in grad school too! But not doing the dissertation till next yr!

  3. Shoot me an email. I'm also in NC. Maybe we are at the same school...