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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Target Steps Up Their Game in 2011!

Dolce Vita Pela $127.00 (above left)  
Dolce Vita nude wedge for Target $29.99 ( above right)
Dolce Vita for Target black wedge (below left) $29.99
Dolce Vita Porter wedge (below left) $89.00
Mossimo Wendi colog in brown/black $24.99 (below center/right)
Target has done a decent job in my opinion of keeping up with trends in their clothing and shoe lines. There are some drawbacks but if you are familiar enough with the different brands, you know what to buy and what to pass on by. One major downside to their women's shoes in the past has been their excruciating lack of comfort. I once had a pair of Mossimo silver thong style sandals with some sort of medallion embellishment in the middle of the front of my foot. This medallion may as well have been a chinese torture device because it dug into my foot with each stride. Each step more painful the one before it. I am pretty positive that if you go to Hell, the devil makes you wear these shoes during your stay. I was so desperate to rid myself of these shoes that I stopped at a DSW shoe store to buy a replacement pair to wear for the day. Fast forward to 2011 and we have both style and comfort in the same shoe. I present to you both the Dolce Vita line for Target as well as Mossimo which is a permanent Target brand and also the makers of the shoe from hell. I saw a YouTube video from Lorraine, TheCurrentCustom, and she bought a pair from this line. Lorraine has amazing style and she said they were comfortable and looked more expensive than they were ($29.99). So I looked at them at and fell in love with a particular pair in the nude shade which is all the rage for the spring season (see photo). I ordered them online because the nude shade was said to be only available online. While at Target today, I was anxious to see this Dolce Vita for Target line up close and try on a pair. I tried on the shoe that I had purchased online and was available in store in dark brown and black. Something I should mention is that Dolce Vita's regular non-Target shoe line features the same style of shoe but probably using real leather and possible higher quality materials. And they're probably 3-4 times the price (depending where you get them) than Target sells the other version for. The overall verdict is that they are very cute, trendy, easy to walk in and great quality for the price. Sold. I wanted black but they didn't have my size. I cruised on over to the other side of the aisle and low and behold found a pair of Mossimo Wendi clogs that I liked just as much if not more than the DV strappy wedge style. I thought to myself "yeah they look good but I bet they will be a killer to walk in." Much to my surprise, I was wrong! They are so comfortable. I purchased the brown color and have been wearing them for the last several hours. I am happy to report that they are still comfortable and going strong. Way to go Target! We are loving the new styles. And by "we" I mean ME and the assumption that the rest of America will feel the same way.

**For the record, the Dolce Vita sandals not labeled in my post as "for Target" are not sold at Target, but rather, various online sources. If it says Target, it is available either at Target or**

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