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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Current Wishlist for 2011 (achievable version!)

Just what I need, more stuff. What can I say, it makes me happy! Call me shallow but shallow people usually have nice stuff. I am making this wishlist in the secret hope that my husband will stumble upon it and never ever be at a loss for what to get me for special occasions. And it could also serve as a guideline for the fashionably or cosmetically challanged. In no particular categorical or logical order. Much like my life and my blog.

Much of this list is the direct result of being enticed by certain YouTube make-up gurus showing off items included in this list. I am an easy easy sell.

The Clear Cube:

Similar to the ones seen decorating the bathrooms of the Kardashians, these babies are the most talked about organization station of the last year. I've recently found out that they are not identical to the ones that the K-Dash girls use because theirs were of course designed specifically and uniquely for them but I do believe they are from the same manufacturer. Yes, they're expensive and depending on which style you get can run you around $300 or more. They are made of acrylic and are basically indestructable. My words, not theirs. More info:

Michael Kors White Ceramic/Rose Gold Watch:

White. Ceramic. Rose Gold. Enough said. Michael Kors does two things perfectly and that is watches and shoes. And its affordable too which is great. This watch will look stunning with a tan and be a perfect compliment to the new color trends this spring. I am loving all of the nudes, bronzes, blush tones this season. I've heard from a YouTube guru's video (LisaLisaD1) that Fossil actually makes MK watches along with other high-end brands and that you can find these watches in the Fossil outlets for very good prices. Ebay is also a great place for MK watches.

Dolce Vita Pela Wedge Sandals:

I ended up buying the knock-off of these shoes that DV is making for Target now for $29.99. True story, I bought they online and had them accidentally shipped to an old address that was still saved in my account. I have no idea if they will be forwarded on to me or if the woman who is renting my old house from us is walking around in them as we speak. Either way, I still want the original DV Pela's which run around $175 but look so amazing in nude and grey. See my Target/Dolce Vita blog for more info on the knock offs (and photo below of the real DV Pela's)

UPDATE: Tried the DV "Pali" style on at Nordstrom (details in the Feb 28th mall haul blog) which is the cheaper version of the Pela. It was cute and comfortable but just didn't stand up to the other shoe I was contemplating. Had I just tried this shoe and not the other, I would have easily purchased the Pali. It is only around $80 as opposed to $175 and looks very similar. The shades they are offered in are gorgeous too. There is a nude which is the must have sandal shade this spring and a stunning pale grey which is also very much in style this season.

Chan Lu Wrap Bracelets

 Gucci Wedge Sandals

MAC Peach Ombre Blush:

Gorgeously discontinued as many good things are. A gradiant blush that goes from a true peach to a pinky-coral tone. This is a sought after item and sells for around $60 on Ebay. And I'm not above paying a ridiculous price for something I want. Afterall, things like this have amazing re-sale value. Unlike things like cars and houses. As for the blush, you can't drive it or live in it but it sure will look good on my cheeks this spring.

Dolce Vita Pela Wedge Sandals (below)

                                                          China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway


  1. I love the peach ombre looks so pretty !!!

  2. I know! I am trying to contemplate spending $50 for one through someone that has it. It just looks so cheerful and gorgeous! Hard to resist!