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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rock And Republic Blush: What's the Deal?!

Hard to believe there was a time in my life believe there was a time in my life that I thought Rock and Republic only made cool jeans that, according to Oprah's best fitting jeans for body type episode, fit very well on tall people and those that wanted more of a butt. But then their cosmetic line came along and created more of a stir than the jeans ever did. The (only) stand-out product being their blush. But not just any shade. There are three shades in particular that girls are giving the deed to their home for: "Call Me", "Spank", and "Kinky". Each blush name with a different sexual overtone makes them hard to forget. There are the "wallflower" shades like Immoral and Shameless and the not quite part of the cool crowd shades like "X-Rated", "Tease", "All-Nighter", "Seduce", and "Lust". If I missed any, it doesn't really matter because no one's talking about them anyway.
To get straight to the current and important information gathered directly from the horse's mouth. The horse being Rock and Republic and the mouth being their customer service support. They will not be re-stocking the following shades: Call Me, Spank, Kinky, and All-Nighter. This strikes me as extremely odd because if you see the above paragraph you will see that these are part of the drool-worthy and debt-inducing shades. What's more is there have been two times in particular in the last couple of months that said shades were listed on Hautelook for a mere $16 a piece. Hautelook boutique opens their online store at 11:00am EST and I was ready with my hand on the trigger and my credit card memorized. Fast forward to 11:02 am EST when the dust has settled and only the crap shades are left while everything else is GONE. How does this happen? How does R&R sell their blush for $16 through an outside source when their are girls willing to pay retail or double, and quadruple the price. First I heard that they were going out of business and then I heard they were just making room for new shades. This part just being heresay. And yes, I'm fully aware that business and marketing decisions are more complicated than just selling what people are asking for and making a lot of money. Oh wait, no they aren't.

In Photos: From left to right: Call Me, Spank, Kinky (top row), All-Nighter, Foreplay, Lust (bottom) And yes, it appears that 4/6 of the shades look similar but in reality only 3/7 of the shades look similar. Next picture (right side) is All-Nighter, it may appear kind of scary bright orange but I actually think I could make this work in the summer over a nice bronzy glow. Directly below is a picture of the Rock and Republic blush packaging and box they come in.


UPDATE: When I first wrote this blog, I didn't have the Call Me shade and there was no sign that I would have a chance to get it unless I wanted to put my kids out on the street to pay for it. Fast forward until a week later and it turns out that I WAS willing to put my kids out on the street for the "Call Me" shade. But luckily it didn't come to that. Instead, I won the item for a large sum of money and if I told you what the price was I would get a flood of referrals to mental health professionals in my area. This little wallet-buster better be worth it. And if not, at least I know it has excellent re-sale value!


  1. You are on point girl! very cool and funny blog! hope to see more from you, you have great writing style!

  2. Well thank you MissMakeup! Sounds like something I'd say....

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  4. Hi sorry to ask do you have any blush that u haven't use that I can buy from you thanks