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Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes, There's More! MAC WONDER WOMAN Saga Continues... Again.

<---Pink Power Mineralize Skin Finish & Mighty Aphrodite blush (below)

To continue from the last MAC related post, I am posting some pictures from my own collection to show you the most coveted products in the new collection.The box being the best part along with the size of the Mineral Skin Finish for the price compared to size of regular MSF for a similar price. My opinion is that Golden Lariat is the bronzer shade is a darker bronze but still wearable. Perhaps a mixture of the highlight color with the bronzer would help tone it down though if you are going for something more subtle until summer gets here. As for Pink Power, I think these shades are all pretty and the bronze shade is much better in this one, softer and more of a natural looking shade. Both the blush and highlighter in Pink Power are pretty, nothing super special, but both are good highlight/blush shades that will give a pretty sheen or glow to the face. I actually mixed all three shades in this one to apply to my cheeks and lightly dusted on my neck and chest and it looks natural and subtle yet gives that glow we all want from a highlight/bronzing product. And its just an overall pretty trio to look at. It reminds me of candy, those pink, brown, and white coconut neopolotin candies that you see in the bulk candy bin at the grocery store. And for more of a relateable reference, look at the "Sweet As Candy" color icon shadow trio by Wet N' Wild. It is kind of like the cheap yet amazing eyeshadow cousin to the Pink Power MSF. All in all, getting three products in these MSF's in a jumbo sized compact which means jumbo sized actual product for around $8.50 more than the standard size (which retails for $27.00 and is said to be increased soon, which is not official)  is a very big bonus to this collection.
When I first saw Amazon Princess blush, I thought it was a blush/bronzer because of that darker shade in the smaller quantity. Wrong. I swatched it and its more of dark pink wine shade. As I said in an earlier post, fair-skinned people need not apply unless super tan or just bold by nature. The hot pink shade is like any other hot pink shade we've seen. As for Mighty Aphrodite, I enjoy the color scheme much better here because I think its keeping current with the fashion trending at the moment in its use of peachy tones. And I'm all about peach as the weather starts to warm up. Overall, I'd say Mac is 2 for 2 on these four products. But they could have done better because we've SEEN better from MAC. A++ for the cardboard box design though. This is the only part of the packaging that I can really appreciate for its aesthetics.

Mighty Aphrodite Blush (top) Amazon Princess (bottom)
Golden Lariat Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF)

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