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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Early (And Crazy) Bird Gets The Pink Power MSF Worm!

So I've mentioned in previous blogs that the Pink Power MSF is the gem of the Wonder Woman collection that MAC released on February 10 2011 in the US. Several MAC stores didn't even receive stock in this product and those that did didn't receive very many, some only receiving one or two and some not even getting one to put in their tester display. Being the little go-getter that I am was able to fanagle 7 of the 10 total MSF's between two MAC stores. The first five I got on opening day. The latest two I called about 15 different MAC stores to get and the only one I could find had two of them and wouldn't hold them for me but told me I had to get there right when they opened because they've had several calls for it. My competitive nature was up for that challange. After all, I had several people still trying to find them through me. I got to the mall around 9:00am. They open super early for the mall-walkers. So I joined them in my stilletos to kill about an hour, only stopping for a Mocha Frappe from McDonalds and I perched myself outside of Belk where one of the MAC counters is located in the mall. I didn't even want to sit on a bench that was around six feet to the right of the entrance because I was afraid someone else would come right up and take my spot. I shifted myself to where the door actually opens to enter Belk as opposed to standing off to the side because I didn't want anyone else to get the prime spot. I tried to locate a MAC employee to get their attention that I wanted Pink Power when they opened, but apparently they don't get their early to get things ready for the day and I began to get anxious. Not a soul in sight in the cosmetics department until someone showed up with a delivery for none other than MAC cosmetics. That totally could have been my angle now that I think about it. Anyway, it was some sort of large Wonder Woman cut-out for their event party this weekend. A MAC girl appeared behind the counter to greet the woman delivering the package and I now had an "in". I politely waited for my turn to speak to the woman that held my Pink Power fate in her hands. I said, I'm here to get your remaining two Pink Power MSF's. Puzzled, she said let me check to see if we still have those. They better still have them, according to a MAC boy the night before during my fourth call this week, they could not sell them until 10am on the day I was standing there waiting for the doors to open. Around 10 minutes later she came up to the glass and flashed the two golden tickets and said they were mine because she saw me first. Hallelujia! I could then relax and browse other products like a normal person. I don't get to feel like one of those very often.

Fast forward to the actual Wonder Woman event party at the free-standing MAC store today where my daughter and I had an appointment to get our make-up done. They were supposed to have "glamazons" dressed with Wonder Woman themes. I thought that "glamazon" was the new word for "drag-queen." Unfortunately, this was not the case. Instead, the glamazons were 6 feet tall, super skinny, legs for days, young models dressed in red satin hot-pants and red and gold boots. Close enough. You could get your picture taken with these hot young thangs after you got your make-up done, with a Wonder Woman cartoon-ish background. I was a bit puzzled that they didn't have someone actually dressed like Wonder Woman because it would have made for a much better and more logical photo-op. Instead it just looks like my daughter and I went to the MAC store with our new supermodel friend.

We had our make-up done by a fantastic, sweet, and very talented make-up artist named Julie. Julie had previously been extrememly helpful when I came to MAC the morning the collection first came out. She located for me six of the Mighty Aphrodite blush and five of the Pink Power MSF. And she was very sweet to my daughter so I requested that she be the one to do our make-up. She adorned my daughter in white glitter all around her eyes and at the request of my daughter, Athena's Kiss lipgloss. For those that don't know, this is one of the jumbo lip-glass in a bright purple-fuschia color that my daughter had been talking about all morning. Julie then glammed me up with an ultra-evening look from one of the new palettes. And as I've said before, I don't have a day-time look. I prefer a night-time look or a "more" night-time look all day every day. Ask and you shall receive. Nothing like a cat-eye in the daytime with white shimmer in the corners of my eyes. This may sound like a hot-mess but it was just plain hot. An added bonus was that she showed me how to wear a true nude lipstick without appearing as though the blood has drained completely out of my body. I now had a whole new respect for MAC "Myth" nude lipstick. With the right lipliner and gloss, your face can literally be brought to life. This brings me to the point I just decided to make when talking about how nice the make-up artist was. I am so used to the pitiful, pathetic, and inhumane customer service in all arenas of the retail or food industry or everything else industry that when I meet someone that is genuinely helpful without trying to get anything in return, I feel like I need to reward them in some way. It should be a give-in that consumers are treated with respect and sincerity but instead it feels like something we have to earn. Its the American way. So, for Julie's reward for being a decent human being, I am going to surprise her with a MAC Pink Friday lipstick. The ultra-exclusive lipstick was only sold during four days of the months of November and December and it was available online only. Julie told me she had never even seen the lipstick in person and was ultra excited that I would bring one in to merely show her. Little does she know, I am going to give a brand new boxed one to her. They say kindness is contagious. I believe it is. So go do something for someone else or something.

In photos: The only one not self explanatory is the photo on the right of what appears to be a shoebox of some sort. This is all of my MAC Wonder Woman stuff and my Rock and Republic blush collection. On the one side is Golden Lariat and Pink Power Mineralize Skin Finish followed in the same column by Mighty Aphrodite blush. In the other column are some of the lipsticks and lipglosses from WW along with my Rock and Republic blush collection. Jealous? You should be. Hit me up, I may be able to work with you.

The other non-self-explanatory photo is just a flier from Nordstrom when they did their release party, Not much of a party if you can't even release either of the MSF's. I bought their one and only Golden Lariat MSF the day they released it and the only other one they had of its kind was for their tester box. This was the store that received no Pink Power. The statment on the flier "MAC and Wonder Woman have saved the day again" leaves many wondering, "HOW"? If you ask me, MAC could have used Wonder Woman when they released their collection to do one of her spin moves to spin them up some product to sell.

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