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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Please, Not Another Beauty Blog!

Just what the world needs, another beauty blog. Well, yes, I do think we need another beauty blog. No two beauty blogs are alike! We all buy, review, use, judge, talk about, and write about different products all of the time. One beauty blogger could cater more to YSL and Chanel lovers while another aims to please the MAC crowd. And depending on what you're feeling at the moment dictates who you are reading, right? Cosmetics lovers are known for their emotion-based buying decisions and wavering loyalty to certain brands. Forever searching for their HG (Holy Grail) item means any item in your collection is disposable and has one foot out the door. Observations such as this one come from my years of experience talking with, watching, reading, and corresponding with the make-up lovers of the world. Perhaps you aren't this way. No offense intended, I call it like I see it. So, lets begin!

I am a lover of all things beauty, the things that can be purchased anyway. From products to YouTube videos to magazines to guessing what eyeshadow brand and color Camille from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is wearing (which by the way is Shu Uemura). When I meet someone I look at their skin and their makeup. If they only knew what I was thinking as I scrutinized each area of the face offering recommendations inside my head. I love those times that someone emails or calls me to ask for my recommendations for certain products. I'm always ready to pop off at the  mouth when this subject comes up. I hardly come in contact with those that share my passion and hobby for playing around with and buying makeup. There is a world of great resources and those that share my interests that I've met online and I'm happy for that! Another drawback, the girls at Sephora, MAC, and Nordstrom are probably looking for the nearest endcap to hide behind when they smell my Thierry Mugler "Angel" perfume rounding the corner to enter their store. I'm sure my non-stop chatter can prevent one from getting their work done. But that's what they're there for right? I sure could use a make-up friend! Accepting applications!

The focus of my blog will be to show you what I've purchased, talk about what I've purchased, review what I've purchased, and talk about helpful tips and tricks that I've learned along the way from various make-up artists, gurus, and estheticians. I have come to discover that I need a creative outlet for my plethora of beauty opinions, ideas, and tricks of the trade. The fact that I don't have that outlet is what is causing me to walk out of a cosmetics store with a dry mouth, sore throat, and extreme need for hydration having talked so much!

I'm just going to dive right in as if I've been doing this my whole life because I almost have. Inside my head. Feel free to follow my blog! If you truly think my blog is a waste of space and keyboard strokes, by all means that is totally fine. I'm not here to please, just here to have fun. And if my fun-having is the same as your fun-having, please follow my blog.

P.S. Many of the photos I use are my own and many are just taken from random websites. No, I don't own the rights to some of the photos I use but calm down people, I'm not selling anything or claiming that I designed the product.

Thank you for reading,
Angela (AKA Miss Makeup!)

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