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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review (Rant): Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion SPF 30

It took this terrible sunscreen made by Hawaiian Tropic to break my 4 month hiatus from blogging. Yes, it is that bad. I'm hoping I will feel better after I've expressed my frustrations to you. I don't know what is wrong with me, I can't be content just picking out some normal sunscreen that does what it is supposed to do. Rather, I am continually sucked in by products that claim to go beyond the realm of simply blocking UV-Rays and perform some extra magical task. Hawaiian Tropic, you've promised me the world for the last time. 

This product is SPF 30 and promises hydrating properties. I'm a sucker for the words "Silk" and "Hydration", what can I say? So I lathered myself up in this stuff and headed out for about 1.5 hours in the mostly sunny Carolina outdoors. Mind you I was not at a beach or in a pool, just out in my driveway for some kiddie pool supervising. I had shorts and tank and sprayed this stuff very liberally. Fast forward to later in the day and I have a blazing sunburn all over my chest. My chest is the spot I sprayed the most sunscreen because that is a sensitive area for most people when it comes to the sun. Imagine my confusion as I stared at my bright red burning flesh after having used SPF 30 for a mere 1.5 hours in the sun, taking breaks here and there to seek shade. So I get the little devil out and check the ingredients, it has mineral oil and about a 100 other oils. A-ha! This is what they had to do to make the product hydrating! Oil = BURN. Do we not all remember our mothers or aunts stories of rubbing baby oil all over to tan with back in the 70's/80's? Mineral oil being a prime suspect here and a key ingredient in this Hawaiian Tropic nightmare. I guess all of the oil kind of defeats the SPF properties because I do not burn very easily when I've got at least SPF 30. Hell, I don't burn at all if I've got SPF 30 and am outdoors for a little over an hour. 

Now, some of you may be thinking it is my fault for not looking at the ingredients first. While I can appreciate this sentiment, I am still pissed that this company or any other company even makes an SPF product with so much oil in it. I feel as though I've been deceived. All of the hard work I've done to protect the youthfulness of my skin over the last few years may be flushed down the drain if I suffer any visible signs of aging because of this. Thank GOD I didn't put it on my face. So, the moral of the story, don't buy this if you don't want to take the chance of burning. Who buys SPF 30 if they want to burn anyways? Lesson learned.


  1. Another thing to consider is that it comes in spray form. I feel like I don't get enough protection when I use/d spray sunblock.

    1. You're right, I didn't think about that but when I spray myself outdoors, half of the product probably blows away in the wind and never lands on my skin, Lol. You probably do get more protective if you just rub on a lotion, although the sprays are so convenient. Thanks for reading and commenting :)