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Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm Back With a Sephora Haul! Ft. YSL, Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics...

Hi! So I've been gone since January! I was very busy with grad school and I am now done, yay! I don't know what to do with the extra time, aside from looking for a job (borrring!), and so I thought I'd dive into blogging again. And what better way to start off than with a nice little Sephora Haul? I only bought three things but got lots of samples and the 500 point Beauty Insider Gift (It's a good one!). 

Here's what I bought + Mini Descriptions:

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Nude Beige # 1: It's been a rocky relationship for me and Rouge Volupte. I used to hate them even wrote a negative post about them a few years back (gasp!). But I thought I'd give them another try since I started loving their other formulas. I purchased Nude Beige because it's gorgeous for starters. But also because for a nude, it has a lot pink in it which I like. This one is a keeper, the box can officially be tossed. Very opaque and very creamy, almost too creamy, but the color, packaging, and scent make up for it.

OCC Skin Conceal, R1: I'm so excited that OCC has concealer now because they are 100% vegan and guess what that means? NO SILICONE! Yay! Do you know how impossible it is to find concealers or creamy face products of any kind that do not contain silicone? My skin detests silicone. I've heard good things about this concealer in that its similar to MAC Studio Finish concealer which I love (not for under eye but for spot concealing) but creamier. Perfect! I picked out the shade R1, for reference I am NW 20 in MAC concealer. This OCC shade is more of a neutral tone and looks a bit yellow for me but when I apply it on the skin, it's actually a good match so don't be afraid. 

Tarte Maracuja Lip Scrub: Every time I go to ULTA, this is sold out and finally it was in stock. You know what that means, I HAD to buy it right? I didn't buy this at Sephora but I threw it into the haul because I just purchased it. This is great, its a lip scrub with very fine granules and a minty fresh scent. Of course you can make your own lip scrub with sugar and any oil you have in your house like olive oil and get the same results. But what can I say, I love the little oval container!

Tarte 500 Point Beauty Insider Gift: Finally, after denying the current 500 point gift time and time again, Sephora brought in something that I can get on board with. This little set contains a mini Maracuja Oil (not that mini, good size), a cream shadow in golden beige (although in the picture it looked like moss green, glad they changed it), Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed (been wanting this forEVER), Lights Camera Lashes mascara, AND the Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder (which I can't use because of the silica). I think this is a great Beauty Insider Gift by the way, hurry before it goes away and they bring in something lame. Crap I think they already did.


Promo Code Freebie: Murad Vitamin C Peel
Free Samples: Guerlain Cils Definer Mascara
Bond No. 9 I Love NY for Men
Buxom Lip Gloss in Katie 

All in all, it's a good time for freebies/samples/Beauty Insider Gifts at Sephora.

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