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Friday, June 28, 2013

My First Burberry Makeup Haul.... Worth the Money? Read On!

I've been wanting to try Burberry eyeshadow forever after hearing only great things about them. The collection is full of amazing neutrals and easy to wear shades but also includes some rich deep tones that are absolutely stunning. And what is not to love about the sleek and chic Burberry packaging? The only drawback is that the single shadows are $29 each. It's difficult to spend that when you can get a full palette of eyeshadow for around $50 or $60 bucks. But I gotta say.... these babies are worth every penny. I ordered directly from Burberry which I highly recommend doing because they package the products beautifully (pictures included below) and the shipping is free. Nordstrom didn't have one of the colors I wanted and that is why I ordered from Burberry in the first place. I chose Trench, a pale beige-y neutral with a sheen to it. Trench is what you would get if MAC Brule and Urban Decay Virgin had a baby. It's the color of Brule but with the finish of Virgin. I figured if I was going to spend $29 on one eyeshadow, I was going to be a color I would get a lot of use out of. And I use this for an all over base and highlight. The other shadow I purchased is Almond. This is a must-have for brown lovers. It is a cool-toned, kind of milk chocolate medium brown with a beautiful sheen to it much like Trench. It's similar to Bare Minerals Pebble as far as color goes. Absolutely perfect crease color and blends flawlessly over Trench. 

So let's dish about what is specifically so great about these shadows.Swatch pictures below!

What I Love:

-The soft beautiful color range
-Super duper soft and silky texture
-Very easy to blend 
-Pigmented without being so pigmented that you have to be really careful
-They have a subtle sheen/shimmer that is just the right amount but not really noticeable
-Beautiful sleek packaging that will make your makeup collection look prettier 

What I Don't Love:

-Price? Although I think they are worth it so it won't discourage me from buying more!
-The packaging does get finger prints but not a big deal to me and not near as bad as NARS packaging as far as attracting prints.

Burberry Eye Shadow in Trench. Photo Credit Belongs to Me.

Burberry Eyeshadow in Almond. Photo Credit Belongs to Me.

Burberry Trench and Burberry Almond. Photo Credit Belongs to Me.

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