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Friday, June 28, 2013

RCMA Foundations First Impressions + Swatches!

I've heard Wayne Goss, aka GossMakeupArtist, on YouTube rave about the foundations from RCMA. What caught my attention most was when he mentioned that these foundations included none of the ingredients that we are most apprehensive about putting on our faces. Since I can't wear silicone-based foundation and that is what 99.9% of foundations are, I immediately ordered some samples from the RCMA website. I've been on the search for years for an amazing silicone-free foundation that was not in powder form. 

I was initially very confused because they literally have like 100 shades! This company is known for making foundations for the stage, TV, etc. and so their shade range is out of control. In a good way. After doing some research, I picked a sample from a few different shade ranges so that I could zero in on my perfect shade. For reference, I am MAC NW 25 and so I was looking for something neutral-cool toned. I chose KO1 and KO2, Olive1, Grey-Beige, and Olive 4 (for contour). Now, my opinion is that the KO range is more neutral-cool and the Olive1 seemed to have some grey undertones as did the Grey-Beige. The closest shade I found to my skin tone is definitely KO2. By the way, Olive4 is a great contour shade because it's a neutral tan-brown and does not look orange on the skin. I did apply the contour using a Real Techniques contour/highlight brush and it worked very well.

The RCMA foundations include 50% pigment which is double or more of what most foundations are. The good news is that you need very little because of this. The very best way to apply this foundation so that you can truly see how well they work is using a damp wedge sponge or damp Beauty Blender. This isn't a foundation that you blend in with a buffing brush or use your hands with. I was able to apply it with a brush as contour but can't see doing it that way all over the face. It would just take too much work. The texture is interesting. It looks very dense but when you touch it it's very creamy and melts easily. Hence, the need for a damp sponge applicator. I have already ordered a foundation quad which has the first four KO shades. This is a great idea because you can create your perfect shade! I hear they are pretty busy over at RCMA after Goss gave them a shout out. Their customer service is lovely. I spoke with Christian via email back and forth and was very impressed. 

Because it's confusing to find which shade you are because of their amazing selection, I thought I'd add what I have to the pictures that exist out there to help someone make their selection easier! As you can see from the swatches, the KO2 is warmer than the others and is a good neutral. 

Some Extra Bits of Info:

-RCMA does sell foundation thinner if you want more of a liquid texture rather than cream
-The samples are $1 each
-You can buy different sizes of the foundations from 1/8 oz to a full ounce. 
-They sell individual shades and the foursomes in each shade range. I bought "A" which is the first four shades in the KO range. The quads run $27 + $6 shipping

RCMA Foundations from Left to Right: Olive 1, KO2, KO1, Grey Beige. Photo credit belongs to me.

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  1. how big were the samples they sent you? how many applications would one get with their samples?