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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Sweaters Ever are @ Target + Some Tank Top Love

I have found my favorite sweaters of life. And I found them at Target. They aren't my favorite inexpensive sweater, they are my favorite sweater, period. And they are only $13.99 right now with a regular price of $17.99 which is still way cheap. They are the Mossimo Ultra-soft Scoop (or V-neck) sweaters and are usually folded on a table somewhere between the juniors and women's sections. 

So what is so great about them? Well, they are the perfect sweater consistency. If that term even applies to sweaters. They are thin but not at all see-through and they are super soft and comfortable. More importantly, not the least bit itchy! They are the perfect sweater for people like me who live in the south and do not experience real winters. When I think of this sweater, I think of the type of sweater that you can wear to an indoor function without burning up and regretting your outfit selection. You know, the type of place that is going to be crowded and stuffy where you will ultimately end up sweating despite the cold temperature outside. Like your kid's Christmas program or the mall on a weekend. I'm convinced that Hell resembles the mall on the Saturday right before Christmas and you're forced to stand in the food court line over and over again. Let's get back on track, Hell has no place in a discussion of great sweaters. 

So the sweaters are semi-fitted, true to size, and a flattering length that most anyone would be pleased with. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, loved it, and then convinced myself the deal was too good to be true for a truly amazing sweater and that it would probably not wash very well and end up falling apart. Oh, why do I doubt you, Target? Must I always pre-judge inexpensive things? Most of my Target clothing holds up better than my J Crew stuff and are a tenth of the cost. Turns out the sweater actually washed up very well and became even softer. I bought it at $17.99 but when I returned to the store to buy more, they were marked down to $13.99! The problem was that the shelf where they are usually perched ever so neatly was kind of ransacked. Seems like $17.99 was too much to pay for some but when they went down a few bucks, it was game on for Target shoppers. Luckily, I was able to snag three more of them: two more scoop-necks and a v-neck yay! And then I walked around to the other side and picked up two cardigans that were a few dollars more expensive and equally as soft as my beloved sweaters. Also by Mossimo. The picture below is the style I love but they also have v-neck version. The one below is supposedly a scoop neck but I find them to be in between a crew and scoop. Enough scoop that you don't feel suffocated but not scoop in the traditional sense. If that makes sense.

Mossimo Ultra-soft Sweaters
I have been so overcome with my sweater love, I forgot to mention the perfect accompanying piece to the sweater. The Mossimo long and lean tanks. Seriously, the best tank tops ever. They are the perfect length, strap width, color selection, and price ($6-8 range depending on if they are on sale). More importantly, they also wash up very nicely, MUCH better than my JCrew tanks. It isn't crap on JCrew day but their quality has taken a nose dive straight to hell over the last few years. And as their quality plunges, their prices go upward. So for basic tanks and lovely soft sweaters that won't make you itch, Target has been killing it lately. 

Mossimo Long & Lean Tank

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