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Monday, December 10, 2012

Great and Inexpensive Holiday Shoes (Target!)

So I'm in Target the other day, doing the usual "only here to buy one thing but end up with a cart full" shopping trip. There were these really cute pumps that came in bright pink, red, green, and navy, some with gold and some silver capped toes. They have a suede-ish material, about a 3" heel and a $32.99 price tag. Perfect. So I grab the red which is more like a reddish orange thinking how perfect they would go with some dark skinny jeans and a slouchy black sweater. They have a bit of padding in them to make them a bit more comfortable than the average non-platform pumps. Oh, and they have a rubber bottom that will help prevent any unforseen accidents but without looking cheap or orthopedic. I thought I would share my find with you all in case you are looking for some great shoes for the holidays that look chic and dressy but can also be casual and cool. Think skinny (faux) leather pants/leggings paired with some type of black top/sweather with these pumps and some gold jewels. The outfit practically screams holiday party attire for the girl who doesn't want to put much work into it but still wants to look great!

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