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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Nails of the Day! Pink + Silver

I opted for a pink and silver manicure today after browsing some google images for some "nail-spiration" using OPI Crown Me Already glitter polish. I've been wearing various shades of red for about two months now so I gave the traditional holiday colors a rest and this is what I came up with. 

Photo taken by me,
How I Achieved This Look:

I placed three coats of Orly Confetti nail polish (discontinued but any pale pink will do) to make it more of an opaque pink. Try Essie Ballet Slippers for a really pale pink or OPI Sweetheart for a more creamy opaque pink. I took OPI Crown Me Already silver glitter polish (any silver glitter will do, Sally Hansen Gems are great!) that has a multitude of very fine shimmer in combination with some small silver discs in a clear base. I love this one because it is a true bright platinum silver. I lazily brushed the glitter on to the tips of my nail about a third of the way down. By "lazily", I mean this isn't a french manicure where you have to do the tips perfectly. I prefer the glitter to be thicker on the top and kind of thin out toward the bottom in a gradient effect. To do this, just wipe off excess product and use the brush to kind of dab whats left on the brush as you get to the end of your glitter tip. I touched up some nails that were less glittery than others and topped it off with Seche Vite, a quick dry top that gives an unbeatable glassy shine.

This manicure can be done with any combination of polish and glitter colors. Try a glossy black polish like OPI Onyx or Essie Licorice with silver glitter on the tips, so chic yet so glam. 

P.S. I filed my nails in a more rounded fashion for the first time ever. I think it makes my fingers look longer, I'm digging it.


  1. just perfect. it's christmas on this side of the world and this makes for a perfect gift from you. made just for someone who can't make a perfect french tip.

    1. You are sweet, thank you! Have a beautiful Christmas!

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