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Sunday, December 30, 2012

MAC's Answer to the Z-Palette: Customizable Palette

I do not own a Z Palette but I've heard numerous reviews about them. If you don't know what that is, it is a large palette that you customize by adding whatever eyeshadow, blush, or powder pans you want of all shapes and sizes because it doesn't have an insert inside. Without an insert, you have more space to put your shadows or whatever else you want to put in there. Typically, MAC has sold a 15-pan palette that holds eyeshadow pans or a blush palette with an insert to fit their blushes. However, now you can mix and match your products because MAC has come out with something similar to the Z-palette that gives you the option of forgoing the insert or giving you some insert options to purchase separately. There is a magnetic bottom in the tray that will hold your shadows in place if they too have a magnet on the back. If you depot shadows from their original packaging, you can glue a magnet on the back and achieve the same result. I picked up the "Pro Palette Large/Single" that has one layer and I believe it can hold 24 regular MAC size shadow pans. I will review it when I use it. They also sell a Large/Duo version that has two layers for $25. I did not see that one on the MAC site so it may be a Pro item.  So for anyone that has the new MAC palette, what do you think of it?? Does it hold the shadows well? If you own both the MAC and the Z-Palette, which one is better?

Here is the new MAC Pro Palette Large/Single that retails for $18 and below is the Z-Palette to give you an idea of how they can be used.

MAC Pro Palette Large, Photo credit:

Z-Palette, Photo credit:

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