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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nail Polish of the Week!

I've been hitting the nail polish jackpot as of late with three successful purchases from Zoya and Essie. First, if you haven't tried Zoya, you simply must! Here's why: the formulation is awesome in that it applies like a dream and dries much much faster than your average nail polish. I was shocked when I piled three coats of one of the shades the other night and it was actually dry to the touch just a few minutes afterwards. Major selling point. And the Zoya Smoke and Mirrors collection for fall 2011 is to die for. The shades included are the most perfect fall nail polish collection I've ever seen. That being said, two of the polishes i bought this week were from that collection.

Nail Polish Haul:

Zoya "Jana"- Available right now at ULTA as part of Smoke and Mirrors. In the store this looked like a true mauve but on the nails, it came across as a very deep smoky charcoal with a mauve/plum undertone. Fabulous nonetheless.
Photo found at
Zoya "Neeka"- Couldn't resist this beautiful deep amethyst with very fine micro-shimmer. Another polish from the new collection and purchased at ULTA.
Photo Credit: (she has the whole Smoke and Mirrors collection with amazing photos!

Essie Angora Cardi: This one is from 2009 and is a permanent fixture in the Essie line-up. How I missed this one is beyond me. This is one of the most unique shades in that I didn't have anything like it in my collection. The shade is a very creamy, deep shade of rose/mauve. Its a definite must-have if you are looking for a good and dark fall shade and have enough of the dark wines and plums. I love vampy dark shades but this is like one of those with a feminine twist. Very unique and applies so creamy and opaque, I am a three coats kind of girl but I could totally get away with two coats because of the smooth opaque finish.
Photo Credit:

**As for the polish photos, I almost always use someone elses photo if I am unable to capture the shade of the polish in the way that reflects its true greatness.

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