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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drugstore Gem: L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner (Lancome Art Liner Dupe!)

I had forgotten how much I liked liquid eyeliner since I have pretty much been wearing anything but for a long time now. You just can't beat the precision of a felt-tip liquid eyeliner. Not to mention the staying power is superior to a pencil or twist-up liner. I was watching MakeupByTiffanyD do a drug store haul on YouTube and she said that this L'Oreal liner was her favorite liquid eyeliner and she preferred it to the beloved Lancome Art Liner because she said it was blacker and it applied better than the much more expensive Art Liner. So I grabbed it while at Target today! It was around $7.50 and its very very good.

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What I Like:

It's super jet-black! And it goes ON that way, you don't have to go over it a few times like some liners that go on kind of liquidy but not super opaque.

Love the flexible felt-tip! The bendy tip just makes it easier to apply, it just feels smooth and effortless.

Doesn't Transfer! Most liquid eyeliners don't but this one really stays gorgeous and pigmented without fading or transfering.

As with any liquid eyeliner, you are in control of the thickness of your line which is what I love about this one

And finally, the felt-tip liquid liner makes it easy to do a cat eye with more precision and control

What's Not to LOVE?

Overall Grade: A+

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