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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emergency ULTA Hair Related Haul

I can think of very few beauty situations that are less frustrating than when your hair dryer starts to spark and smell like burning plastic about two minutes after you've initiated contact with it. I'm not one of those girls that can go natural in the hair department. I need me some heat and lots of it or I look like a drowned rat or a grease head who hasn't washed her hair in a week because there is absolutely no volume or lift when I air-dry my hair, it just lays there flat against my head but still frizzy. Flat and frizzy? I can't think of anything worse. Except knowing you're going to have to spend three digits on something that is an essentially rather boring purchase. I'm not big on hair stuff, I'm more of a makeup girl and spending $100 in ULTA on stuff that isn't makeup just seems kind of a waste and more of a duty than an enjoyable spending spree.

But as beauty fate would have it, the same day my hair dryer fizzled out, a 20% off coupon from ULTA landed in my mailbox. A coupon with barely any exclusions good on your entire purchase! 

So I spent some time testing out all of the hairdryers in the mid-expensive range because I want this baby to last. Spending $30 on a hairdryer will ultimately end in spending another $30 and then another $30 because they just don't last. Do you know that before I started spending a lot on a hairdryer, my hair would just break off so easily and never grow. Fast forward to buying a good hairdryer and my hair finally grows and feels a lot better. Who knows if there is a correlation there but it helps me to justify cost. 

So the most expensive hair dryers at ULTA are the T3 brand that range from $100-$250. I have two requirements for a hair dryer: that they are semi-lightweight and that they come with one of those attachments that eliminate direct between hair and metal. Moving on, Chi makes the next most expensive category of driers from about $150-$200 and then Rusk, Sedu and others. My shopping willpower is weak and naturally inclined to go with the best available because of curiosity as to WHY its supposed to be the best. But I finally showed my willpower who was boss and opted for a T3, but a cheaper T3 that was on sale for $100 + my coupon brought it down to around $80.
T3 Veloce Tourmaline Hairdryer $99 at ULTA, exciting isn't it?

Not willing to let my coupon go to waste on just ONE item, I purchased the Rusk Bright shampoo that is good for blondes, like not for normal blondes but the ones like me who actually have zero pigment left in their hair and take platinum to whole new level. My hairdresser advised me that the Rusk was good but not to use it TOO often or it would turn my hair pink. That was actually the selling point for me because that means it is powerful and that is what I need when the brassiness starts to surface and the dreaded "gold" starts to take over your previously silvery/blonde locks. 

I also picked up some fancy eyelashes by Eylure, the number 1 selling false eyelash in the UK. The Party Perfect line from Eyelure includes fancier looking lashes than its normal line. I love them because they are thick with sparkles and then get longer on the outside portion. I'm wearing them for my cat costume on Halloween. Not that long, sparkly lashes have much to do with cats.

And that was it! I did look at the makeup aisles but wasn't tempted so that must mean there is absolutely nothing of interest out right now for me to not even be tempted! Dare I say I am content at the moment with my makeup collection? Don't worry, it won't last.

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