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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Top Picks for Fall Blushes! Drugstore + High End

I love fall and I love blush! So why not do a post that joins these two things? I've already done my top picks for fall lipsticks so I'm sticking with that trend (just scroll down one post in case you are interested in reading that.) I don't believe in adopting certain makeup trends if they don't flatter your features and skin tone or if you just really aren't that comfortable with changing up your products too much. Thus, the blush I wear more in the fall isn't a super big stretch from what I prefer to wear in the summer, but I may take it down a couple of notches on the brightness meter. My fall/winter blush philosophy is simple. I want to achieve that "I've just gone apple picking in the crisp fall air and now I have that natural rosy glow" kind of look. I've never been apple picking but I assume it is a lovely fall activity. Let's get started.

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Blush in Velvet Rope: This is a deeper toned plummy rose and a little goes a very long way. Don't be fooled by the word "matte" because these blushes are anything but. They are infused with the most microscopic shimmer that gives a gorgeous sheen to the face. You can forgo the highlighter all together if you have this blush brushed up higher on the cheekbones. Will work for all skin tones.

MAC Tenderling: This is a nude/warm pink blush for fair to light/medium girls perfect for the days when you want a natural look but you don't want to go without blush altogether. There is no shimmer in this blush, it is very basic and natural but lovely and not at all boring. This shade goes with any makeup look and especially the heavy eye looks when you don't want to put something too bright or "look at me" on the cheeks. I wouldn't think this shade would show up to well on medium/tan/deep tones.

Cover Girl Cheekers Plumberry Glow: Good ole' Cover Girl Cheekers. This is a nice rose-berry toned blush. don't know about you but whenever I smell a CG powder product, I am instantly transported back into the high school powdering my face at my locker and touching up my Revlon Colorstay lipstick. I am glad that CG has kept that fragrant smell because I quite enjoy the occasional trip down memory lane. This shade is quite shimmery so you don't want to overdo it. Will work for all skin tones.

Benetint: This is a liquid product that works as a cheek and lip stain. The sole purpose of this stain is to achieve the apple pickin' look or that I was describing earlier. In a very big way. This product looks scary in the bottle, its quite a deep red and you need very little but its a really cool concept at the same time. You just apply a few streaks of color with the little brush and blend with your fingers. And it smells like roses. A classic product that goes back to the beginning for Benefit.Will work for all skin tones.

Wet N' Wild Berry Shimmer: I have to include this blush even though mine is currently broken into a million pieces. You can't expect great packaging AND great product in a $2 blush so I forgive them. This shade always reminds me of Snow White as she is strolling about the woods dodging death with that rosy glow. This is a very strongly pigmented warm-berry shade that requires a very light hand no matter what skin tone you are. This is the softest and the most pigmented (tied with Lorac) of all of the blushes in the list and its by far the cheapest! Will work for all skin tones.

Pictures include some close ups and a group shot of all the blushes. Photos taken by me. 

Benetint & Wet N' Wild Berry Shimmer

From L to R, Lorac Velvet Rope, MAC Tenderling, Cover Girl Plumberry Glow, Benetint, Wet N' Wild Berry Shimmer

Lorac Velvet Rope, MAC Tendering, CG Plumberry Glow

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