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Friday, October 5, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Haul ft. Lipstick + Blush

I was able to snag five pieces of the much anticipated Marilyn Monroe collection for MAC, but it was no easy task. At my particular MAC store, they sold out of all lipsticks and face products in less than 10 minutes. Customers were angry, one girl was in tears because it was her birthday and she left empty handed, and others were trying to make deals with the people that did get some items. To be honest, there were hits (lipsticks) and misses (eyeshadows) as there always are in MAC collections but I was after the packaging so the containers could have been full of sand for all I cared. The Marilyn collection was sought after by many groups of people with different agenda's which made for major competition to get the goods. First, the MAC lovers who will always want some pieces of a hyped up collection, then you have the Marilyn collectors who may have never shopped at MAC before but simply want the items because its Marilyn, the third group is a combination of the two, and finally, the Ebay sellers who hoard an obscene amount of product when it is released online to be able to mark it up and profit from it. Hey, I'm not judging, I just think MAC should find a way to cater more to its loyal customers who buy from MAC throughout the year, like, oh I don't know, maybe by giving the stores more than 3 or 4 of each lipstick and ONE beauty powder. Just an idea. SO that was my intro, let's get on with it. I picked up three lipsticks: Charmed I'm Sure, Love Goddess, and Pure Zen. I also purchase both blushes: Legendary and The Perfect Cheek. Love Goddess isn't pictured because it hasn't arrived yet. I am quite happy with all of my purchases- especially the Legendary blush. I recently expressed my disappointment with the photos used for packaging- until I found out that the photos are special because they had never been made public before the collection. So cool!

Photos taken by me

Blush: Legendary (satin) & The Perfect Cheek (matte) (above)

Charmed I'm Sure (matte) & Pure Zen (cremesheen, repromote)

Love the cute details!

Lipstick packaging (above)


  1. Wowww wat a lovely haul.

    waiting for the reviews and swatches :)

    1. How'd you like the lip colors once you put them on? I need to update my collection and thought these could be fun to try. Hope you're doing well!

    2. Hi Christine! Well I have Charmed I'm Sure, Love Goddess, and Pure Zen and the only one I have used is Pure Zen which isn't even a new color! I am thinking of doing a contest for one of the other lipsticks so I haven't used them until I decide what I'm doing with them. I'd like to keep one of the reds and give them away. What about you?? What do you think of them?

    3. Hi Sadi-

      I also have the Love Goddess lipstick to add to this haul- but I am hoping to do a contest with one of the lipsticks so I haven't used them! Only the Pure Zen and I love it, but its not a new shade. Good to hear from you :)