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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Friendly Reminder: Marilyn Monroe for MAC Collection in Stores Tomorrow Oct 4th!

If you've missed out on purchasing any of the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection online- which many people did because the good stuff sold out in minutes- it will be available at MAC counters and stores tomorrow, October 4th. I am picking up both of the blushes, Charmed I'm Sure and Purely Zen lipsticks after reviewing swatches and reviews for the products. Though I must say I'm disappointed in the Marilyn images used for the packaging- of all the gorgeous photos that exist of the famous blonde bombshell, the ones chosen for the packaging are just lackluster as far as I'm concerned. Why couldn't MAC use any of the rich and vibrant pictures that represent her signature look (found out they had a tough time getting photos they were allowed to use). I was envisioning white shimmery packaging with a photo that really encapsulated her classic red lips. Kind of like the one I've included in this post. I figure if you're going to do Marilyn, stick to the look she's known for and go for the glam, particularly if you're selling an array of red lipsticks, black liners, etc (even though Marilyn actually wore a dark brown kohl pencil, not black and not liquid). Oh well, I felt the same way about the Hello Kitty packaging and I still bought some of that. I certainly don't need much convincing to buy blush and lipstick! So tell me, have you ordered anything or do you plan on picking anything up tomorrow??I hear the stuff is going to go FAST at stores today. Maybe I should do a contest for those that didn't get to pick up anything??


  1. I'm planning on splurging on the entire collection so I can sell it in a few years for $$$$.

    1. Let me know what you end up getting! One of my friends works at MAC and said they got a very small amount of everything, like 2-6 of each lipstick! She said the crowd is going to be crazy! They got a few blush and one beauty powder as well. And she works at the top selling store in the area so you would think they'd have gotten more! Curious to see if that was the case everywhere. Fill me in on what you get!