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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review for Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadow

What a bunch of crap. Color Tattoo?! I wish my tattoos faded as quickly as this shadow did so that I wouldn't have to live my life in further regret for making dumb decisions when I was 18. I was all set to put on the new Color Tattoo cream shadow that boasts 24 hour wear time so that I could take a picture of what it looks like now and then later to see if it held up when I took it off tonight. What a fool I was. As I applied one eye, I was quite pleased with the color and pigmentation so I moved on to the other eye, so far so good. But when I went back to look again at the first eye, the junk was already creased! But wait... in all fairness, I hadn't used a primer first. I like to to give the benefit of the doubt and so I removed the eye make up and started over. Bobbi Brown cream shadow doesn't need a primer. Tarte waterproof cream shadow doesn't need a primer. But I will do it anyways to be able to make a fair and accurate assessment of the performance. I applied my primer and repeated the process. Different story, same freaking ending. Crease crease and more crease. I can't say that this stuff won't work for others, but It failed miserably for me. I can't even be bothered to even describe the product in more detail because quite frankly I can't be bothered to waste another second on this rubbish product. I didn't do a before and after picture because the before and the after was the same result. Rather, this is the picture I took about 2 minutes after applying the shadow. I wasn't even expecting to get 24 hours of wear out of the stuff, but I was certainly expecting more wear than the time than it took to finish both eyes!
Now, you may say, well, maybe you have oily lids. Well, even if I did, there wasn't even time for my eyelids to get oily before the junk creased. You may say, well this stuff worked amazing for me. Well, maybe you only needed to wear it for 4.5 seconds and in that case, I'm sure it did work amazing in that time frame. Or, maybe your eyelids are made out of different material than mine. Ever think of that? Huh? So, RIP Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow.

No more pictures. No swatches. No before and afters. No checking out the other shades. Nothing. Nothing but disappointment. And creased up eyelids.

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