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Friday, January 11, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara

The latest mascara launch by Maybelline has generated quite a buzz. They call it The Rocket with claims that your lashes will skyrocket to unimaginable lengths. They didn't quite put it that way but it was something along those lines. I have a hate/hate relationship with Maybelline mascara. I have never liked a single one of them and I've tried several. Back in high school, I did like Illegal Lengths but they discontinued it and years later released it under a similar name with much crappier results. So I stopped by Walgreen's to pick up the latest mascara that I've heard a lot of bloggers and vloggers talk about. The packaging and pretty pink brush is quite pleasing to the eye although the pretty pink would of course disappear once dispensed inside of the tube. I must say, I was very impressed with this mascara for about the first 5 minutes that it was on my lashes. The brush is designed in a way that offers true separation and definition for the lashes and it really does work that way. I was also pleased with the length and volume and felt that it was pretty buildable if you worked quickly. The brush is wide but not so wide that it jacks up your lower lashes and ends up all smudged underneath (I'm talking to you, Lash Blast). So what's not to love in a mascara that gives separation, definition, length AND volume? I will tell you what's not to love, it doesn't hold curl and it smudges all over the place when my lashes touch my upper eye area. One minute I look in the mirror and I'm loving what I'm seeing. Not five minutes later, I look again and my lashes are drooping and feel all flimsy. Not a fan of that look. Halfway through the day, I see a bunch of smudging going on and this is when I've thrown in the towel and chalked up another big fat loss in the Maybelline Mascara category.

Many have compared The Rocket with Cover Girl Lash Blast but I see some distinct differences. I felt that The Rocket left my lashes a big softer and less spiky than Lash Blast. I also felt it offered more length than Lash Blast but pretty similar on volume. I also find Lash Blast to be much better at holding curl and staying put. Perhaps The Rocket Waterproof would be a better alternative but I do not like Waterproof mascara. In a nutshell, The Rocket did make my lashes skyrocket to amazing lengths but then the rocket turned back around and did a nose dive into the ground.

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