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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Makeup Brushes at Drugstore Prices!

Makeupgeek was one of the very first beauty channels I started watching on YouTube nearly 5 years ago! Marlena does amazing makeup and is definitely one of the best there is as far as beauty guru's go. She also has her own company called Makeupgeek or MUG for short which features an array of products from eyeshadow to lipsticks to makeup brushes and more, and all at affordable prices. I made my first purchase from the site after hearing some good things about the MUG makeup brushes. I was blown away at the prices, all in the $5-$9 range. I read in a couple reviews that the "Stiff Dome Brush" was very similar to the MAC 217, only the MUG brush is a mere $7.99. We all know how expensive good brushes are and so to get such a multi-functional good quality brush at that price is not easy. I bought that one of course and the Outer V brush for $6.89. The eye brushes are all under $7.99 and the face brushes are all $8.99 and under. Now that is CHEAP for face brushes. I was excited to get my order to try out the two that I had purchased and so far I am very impressed. The Soft Dome brush is fantastic. It is stiff enough to lay product on the lid and yet dense enough to do some good blending. It can really be used for all parts of the eye. The Outer V brush is great too, it is a small dense brush that can work for the outer-v area, to blend out harsh lines, and it is small enough to smudge out liner or shadow underneath the eye. I noticed there is a Classic Outer V brush as well but mine is called Outer V. So far I am rather impressed with the brushes I ordered and will keep you updated as to how the brushes wear over time. I must add that the customer service is very good as well. They keep you up to date on your order status and they pack the products very well with a little handwritten "have a wonderful day Angela!" on the receipt. I'm sure I will be purchasing more from MUG. 

Photos found at Stiff Dome (above) and Outer V (below)

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