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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mascara Review: YSL Shocking Volume Effect Faux Cils

I've been very loyal to Benefit They're Real mascara but the one drawback is that it dries up quicker than any mascara I've ever used. I have used the regular YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara in the past which I've enjoyed and so I decided to try the newer version which is called "Shocking". It's supposed to give even more volume and I've heard mixed reviews about it. It is $30 and I purchased it from Sephora. 

The PRO'S:

*Gorgeous packaging and very expensive nice scent that is unlike many of the unpleasant "plastic-y" mascara smells out there. 

*The Shocking formula does give volume that is similar if not better to the original "Non-Shocking" version. 

*Works very well to add volume after using a lengthening and separating mascara first and then topping it off with the YSL. 

*Did not notice any flaking or smudging when worn all day.

*Rich black color, and very glossy finish.


*I was already very aware of what others noted as the biggest drawback to this mascara: it is very very wet! When you take it out of the tube, the wand is coated with product.

*Wet formula can cause extreme clumping if you aren't really careful with how you apply it. But this is a matter of preference, some people see the wet formula as a good thing. I am somewhere in the middle. 

*When used on its own, it is difficult to get separation and volume at the same time but when used in conjunction with a good separating mascara, the YSL compliments it nicely.

*Pricey $$$

Final verdict: I do really like this mascara but I am not sure that I can't live without it.

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