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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Barely There, Dupe for MAC Blankety?

I never noticed that Milani released some new lipsticks this past spring because my CVS puts the Milani lipsticks in the most inopportune place in the whole display, way down at the bottom on a side facing away from the main part of the display. But I was perusing and she had a post about the Milani Color Perfect lipstick with lovely swatches. Two nude shades caught my eye, in particular one called Barely There, a medium-toned pinky nude. While at CVS today, I found that shade and snatched it up. It has the oddest scent but I quite like it. If you don't like your lipstick heavily fragranced, then I would just cruise on by this one because this scent packs a punch, and I can't quite describe it. It's the kind of perfumy-floral that doesn't quite belong in a lipstick, but maybe a shampoo or some other hair product. The shade is lovely and very reminicent of MAC Blankety in that it has that browner toned pink going on only Blankety is a bit darker. Barely There is a great nude for those that find most nude shades wash them out and make them look dead. It applies very nicely, its pigmented, and it isn't too slick that it slides off the lips. It is a rather matte finish but I didn't find it to be too drying. All in all, highly recommended. Check your local CVS to pick one up or to check out other colors.

Milani Color Perfect in Barely There (top) MAC Blankety (bottom)
Photo taken by me.
Milani Barely There, blended out a little (top), MAC Blankety, blended, (bottom) Photo taken by me.

The Spring 2012 Milani Color Perfect lipsticks, courtesy of

Milani Color Perfect swatches, courtesy of


  1. wowww thats such a close dupe :)
    Thankss for sharing

  2. those shades are gorgeous!!